CIFSA expands

Brac Informatics Centre, a service provider of technology, has joined the private financial services industry efforts to support the public image of Cayman’s financial services sector by becoming the first associate member of the Cayman Islands Financial Services Association.

CIFSA recently introduced two new types of membership, an associate and honorary membership. Among those that qualify for the honorary membership are supporting associations such as CISPA, STEP, CICMA and CIBA, just to name a few.

Associate members on the other hand are those who wish to support CIFSA but are not a financial service provider or a financial services provider not based in Cayman.

CIFSA continues to represent and promote the Cayman Islands financial services industry, both locally and internationally, and plays an important role in shaping Cayman’s image globally.

‘The continued support of CIFSA through the increasing number in members shows that many local companies would like to be actively involved in promoting our jurisdiction,’ commented David Roberts, a CIFSA Director.

CIFSA’s membership starts at $1,500 and reflects the number of employees in the member company. This membership structure makes it possible for companies of all sizes to support the industry.

‘BIC is very pleased to support the efforts of the Cayman Islands Financial Services Association. We have been very impressed over the years with the proactive stance CIFSA has taken to communicate the quality and integrity of the financial community, and we are particularly impressed with their local education campaign,’ said Brac Informatics Centre president Nancy Ewing.