Nightmare article is disturbing

I found the story ‘Nightmare on Kipling Street’ very disturbing.

I can’t imagine how it would feel to be a continuous target of such hatred and violence in my own home and neighbourhood.

How can this go on?

Surely somebody has seen something that can help police in their efforts to help this family and his neighbours.

After the first time the elderly man was sent to hospital for injuries sustained by rock throwing, it should have never happened a second time.

How can the police that are actually patrolling the neighbourhood (and being pelted by rocks as well) not manage to catch these perpetrators?

If this situation is truly as bad as your article states, then it obviously needs immediate attention and should be taken very seriously by the local community and the RCIP to ensure that others are not injured.

Looking out for our neighbours aides in our own heath and safety and contributes to living in peace and harmony with which we are all entitled.

Jo Hydes