Safe Internet site possible

As a mom with a teenage son, I have learned to take the Internet very seriously.

I have started reading and researching articles on cyber bullying and of all the sexual predators that are posing as children on social websites.

I understand that we can never make sexual predators and bullies go away, but it is my responsibility to do all I can to keep them away from my son.

I did some research to find a good social network that was safe for my son.

I found an age-appropriate, socially responsible website for children ages five to 18. This site requires a child’s school verify his or her identification before they can become a member.

This site is content monitored, cyber bullying controlled; even has tutoring available. My son can still play games, create a webpage and email all on a safe and monitored site.

All the employees must have a Level 2 background check. This makes me feel real comfortable.
Both sites are totally free to its users.

The site for parents, teachers, law enforcement is and the site for children is

I am in hopes you will share these sites with others.

Brenda Preston