Today’s Editorial for August 6: Rock throwing could be deadly

What is happening on Kipling Street in the District of Bodden Town is a downright shame.

For the past year a man who has served this country well, and eight of his family remembers have been living a daily nightmare.

They are the victims of consistent rock pelting of their home and persons.

It’s gotten so bad that they’re afraid to leave their home at night.

The attacks against them escalated last week when someone tried to set fire to their home. Luckily the man who has served for 30 years at the Cayman Islands Fire Service was at home and quickly doused the fire with water using a garden hose.

It’s terrible that this family is being subjected to these actions.

But what makes it worse is that the Caymanian Compass began reporting on this story a year ago and still no one has been apprehended.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has patrolled the area, but the officers providing security and looking for the offenders have also been the victims of pelting.

An elderly man who lives down the road from the house has received injuries to his head so severe that he’s had to be taken to hospital – twice.

Someone out there knows who is throwing the rocks at this family’s home and other homes in the neighbourhood.

It is the duty of that someone to come forward with information to the police so the rock throwing and potential arson is brought to an end.

Whoever is throwing the rocks is jeopardizing lives and breaking myriad laws.

If the homeowner knows who is behind the rock throwing, he must tell the police so they can put a stop to the action.

While rock throwing may seem like a juvenile thing to do, it is dangerous.

Add to that the possibility that the house could have burned down with people in it and you’ve got a murder scene.

Had the fire spread into the attic flames could have spread throughout the house and those inside could have been injured or died in the fire. All the windows of the house are boarded up to keep rocks from going through windows.

This is an extremely serious situation that must be solved.

Anyone who knows anything about who is pelting this and other Kipling Street homes with rocks is asked to call the Bodden Town Police Stations at 947-2220 or Cayman Crime Stoppers at 800-8477.