Police commander charged

A suspended Cayman Islands deputy police commissioner has been charged in connection with an on-going investigation being conducted by officers from the United Kingdom’s Metropolitan Police Force.

Rudolph Dixon faces two counts of misconduct in a public office and two counts of doing an act tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice.

Mr. Dixon is scheduled to appear in court later today.

The charges, at least in part, are believed to concern an incident from 2004 in which a DUI suspect was released from George Town Police Station shortly after his arrest. No further details were available at press time.

A former Royal Cayman Islands Police Inspector, Burmon Scott, who was arrested along with Mr. Dixon on 15 May in connection with the same case, has been released without charges and is no longer considered a suspect.

The investigation involving Mr. Dixon and Mr. Scott is separate from the case which led to the removal of three top RCIPS commanders in March. Senior Investigating Officer Martin Bridger said enquiries were continuing in that case, but had nothing further to report at the moment.

The reason why Mr. Dixon and Mr. Scott were arrested in May has never been publicly discussed by officers from the UK Met team, but is believed to have arisen out of unrelated matters that came up in the initial investigation.

Reached by telephone on Monday afternoon, Mr. Scott said he did not wish to discuss the particulars of the case until ‘it was all over.’

‘I’m just happy that I can move on, and I’m glad that my name has been cleared,’ he said. ‘I would like to regain the confidence and trust of the general public.’

Mr. Dixon could not be reached for comment.

The probe that led to the removal of Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan, Mr. Dixon and Chief Superintendent John Jones is looking into the role of each of those men in the events that led up to an unauthorised entry at the offices of local newspaper publisher Desmond Seales on 3 September, 2007.

The entry took place during an RCIPS investigation into allegations of ‘a corrupt relationship’ which was alleged to have existed between Mr. Seales and Deputy Police Commissioner Anthony Ennis at the time. However, those allegations were later proved to be false.

The man charged with making the false allegations, former Cayman Net News staffer Lyndon Martin, is due back in court later this month for a preliminary hearing. Mr. Martin was arrested on 27 March, the same day the three police commanders were placed on leave.

Mr. Kernohan and Mr. Jones are still on leave and receiving full pay from the RCIPS. Mr. Kernohan left the island some months ago and remains in his native Scotland, while Mr. Jones has stayed in Cayman for most of the time since his removal.