Plant back yard gardens

Each day we depend on the United States of America for the majority of food on our tables.

We love and need the USA, but she has the responsibility to feed her own 320 million people. In addition, she has international commitments to food aide programmes in various under-developed countries.

My friends, it just may be time for us to express our human rights and human knowledge to plant our own back yard kitchen gardens that will create a plethora of food and plants to assist us in the days of food shortages. This will further benefit us by improving our health and by extension our lives. In addition, creating our own back yard kitchen gardens would allow us to eat our very own produced food and further provide us with a stockpile – not if – when the food shortage becomes a reality throughout the economies of the world.

Let us face it. If 20,000 people in these islands plant back yard gardens we would have sufficient food for our tables and the supermarket shelves.

In summary, the benefits of back yard gardening are numerous. It is your personal commitment to plant for your stomach, your health and a nudge to your revenue base.

Friends, the best thing yet is you plant your garden at your own pace. Plus, you get all the benefits entailed therein – like exercise.

George Seymour