Ditch port expansion ideas

As a future retiree, I am looking into the Cayman Islands as a serious location to buy real estate and settle, considering it’s amazing natural beauty, proximity to the US, and it’s favourable tax structure.

I personally do not feel it necessary to encourage these huge cruise ships, with their thousands of passengers, to invade for short times Grand Cayman and make things more difficult for natives, in terms of foot, bike and auto traffic, beach crowding and of course restaurant reservations, dive trip reservations and other things that are considered sacred jewels of the Caymans.

Some of the best islands that I have visited and have had the finest experiences in my life are only accessable by small craft.

There is some validity to the point that too many tourists can ruin a destination, whether it be the Great Wall of China, or in our case the even more fragile natural ecosystems within the Grand Caymans.

The Caymans do not need to expand their ports for these huge cruise ships if we all look at the long term consequences of having more and more short term tourists visiting and potentially spoiling what we have down here.

I do not want to be part of a place that will simply turn into another Miami Beach.

I hope that others agree with me and convince the port authority to stop this expansion trend.

Joseph Warren

California, USA