Don’t believe global warming

It is truly a planetary tragedy for consumers that the world politicians have believed everything that the global warming alarmists have advocated.

I am all for elimination of harming chemicals in our air and water, but the facts are that the last eight years (except for 1998) or so, have been the coolest on record, the Antarctic ice sheet has enlarged, and the sunspots are in a cycle that will undoubtedly cool the Earth for the next 10 or so years at least.

Politicians, you have been duped!

Anyone who believes the Gore prediction should do more research.

His thesis has been widely acclaimed as apparently false in many aspects.

I don’t think Caymains have a thing to worry about for at least another 70 years (re major hurricanes), except the integrity of the environments of your Islands, and therein you have great challenges.

I wish you well as you serendipty-like clear the precious mangroves, build more houses, destroy further ecological treasures, dump refuse helter skelter, and in unique landmarks like sinkholes (and many others) and totally re-arrange and allow further shore side home development masking important landscape features that are endemic to Cayman. Like why don’t you say, enough is enough?

The Cayman Islands will always, forever, be a world-wide attraction. Stop now before everything is lost and just relax with the status quo. In my view, the only agency that gives a hoot about what is happening is the National Trust. And me.

Murray Roed