Small snake also here

Seeing the article about the tiny snake in the Tuesday Compass has finally given me a chance to give my input on this story as I have seen it online but there was no comments section.

I and my mother both have found these snakes in our homes here on Grand Cayman in West Bay.

We live approximately a mile a part and about a month ago found these same types of snakes in our houses only days apart.

It is the same snake and now we wish after seeing these articles that we had let someone know.

So I don’t know who this guy is but if the people of Barbados knew about it, it is also apparently found in Hawaii and I know that is the same snake we found here.

How can this scientist claim he discovered it?

Obviously people have known about them long before he came around.

My only hope is to find another one so that I may contact the proper people to get it identified.

Jonathan Rivers