Today’s Editorial for August 14: Royal Palms rumour settled

We hope the story on the front of today’s paper about the Royal Palms property puts a stop to the second guessing and gossip about this property.

It’s official. The Royal Palms site is for sale.

And the asking price is enormous. We have to wonder if the price was set so high just so people would quit pestering the owners with constant questions and gossip about the state of the land.

If it is sold and developed it will be another blow to the Cayman Islands.

Since the old Royal Palms Hotel burned down on May 7, 1988, the area has been used to enhance Seven Mile Beach, giving beach goers – residents and visitors alike – more space to spread out.

It’s one of the largest beach areas left on Grand Cayman.

While we aren’t against development, growth and progress in the Cayman Islands we are against losing our beaches to hotels and condos.

We’re already losing an area that Caymanians love to go to on weekends and holidays at Cayman Kai.

A 52-condo development – the Ivory Sands project – is planned at Ivory Point in Cayman Kai. When that development is built Easter campers and others who enjoy the white sands and seclusion of the point will have to find another place to play in the water and on the beach.

While members of the Cayman Kai Property Owners Association have vowed to fight the development, the site has already been cleared.

It’s pretty evident the Cayman Kai playground will be lost.

We hope that doesn’t happen at the old Royal Palms hotel site.

Cayman has already lost too much of its beaches to development, so much so that the long held practice of taking a daily dip in the sea is almost impossible for many Caymanians.

We hope the owners have set a large asking price on the property because they have no intention to sell it, but we’d bet that if anyone does come along with US$80 million, they won’t turn it down.