UCCI student assists NCVO

Mathew Schvartz, a student attending the University College of the Cayman Islands recently donated his time to help out at the Miss Nadine’s Preschool.

Several computers and miscellaneous software were donated to the school; Matthew gave of his time to install the equipment in three classrooms for students.

Matthew recently completed and graduated from UCCI’s Electrical Technology programme as well as earning a CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ computer technician and networking certification.

CompTIA serves the IT industry as the world’s largest developer of vendor-neutral IT certification exams and receives worldwide use and recognition.

Matthew, who is presently on a summer internship with the Education Department’s computer services, credits UCCI faculty and curriculum for providing him with the skills and training to fast track his career in IT.

He has plans to continue his education at UCCI this coming September to pursue his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification.

Alta Solomon, NCVO Youth & Community Worker/PA to CEO says, ‘It is encouraging to see a young Caymanian giving something back to the community as well as setting an excellent example for other youth to follow.’

Miss Nadine’s Preschool is just one of the projects that are run by The NCVO which is a non-profit, charitable organisation that engages in projects to meet the ever increasing social needs of our community, financial assistance and any help would be appreciated.

For more information or to make a donation to the NCVO projects, contact Janice Wilson at 949-2124 or [email protected] or Heather Lopez at 945-1078 or log onto www.ncvo.org.ky�.