Bidding farewell to the crown

Saturday, 23 August will herald mixed emotions for the reigning Miss Cayman Rebecca Parchment as she hands over her coveted sash and crown.

miss cayman farewell

Miss Cayman Rebecca Parchment, left, is pictured with Miss Bahamas and Miss Antigua and Barbuda at the 2088 Miss Universe pageant. Photo: Submitted

‘A small part of me doesn’t want my reign to end,’ Rebecca said. ‘But, its time to move on and accomplish new goals.’

Fresh from her recent trip to Vietnam, where she competed in the international Miss Universe pageant, the vivacious beauty queen has fond memories of a year that she says has flown by.

‘Being Miss Cayman has been a dream come true. Over the past few weeks I have been helping the new contestants prepare for the forthcoming pageant and it feels like only yesterday that I was crowned.’

Participating in the Miss Universe pageant was, she said, one of the highlights of her reign. Although she did not place in the top 15, she still thoroughly enjoyed the action packed six-week competition.

‘It was great fun, but hard work. We were constantly on the go; interviews, photo shoots, fundraisers. It was a full schedule, often with just a few hours sleep. We were constantly in the camera’s eye and at one point I even lost my voice completely.

‘Obviously I was really disappointed to have not been selected for the final 15. I worked really hard to prepare myself. I knew what to expect having already competed in the Miss World pageant so felt more confident.’

During her reign, the passionate environmentalist has been promoting the benefits of going green, visiting local businesses, hotels and schools to increase the number of green certified companies in Cayman.

‘It’s going to take a while, but I definitely feel that I have made a difference in encouraging Cayman to be more environmentally aware.

‘I have met with business managers and owners, distributed information on how to go green and highlighted products that are eco-friendly. I have also spoken to local school children on the importance of recycling.’

She added: ‘I’m not going to stop once my reign is over. I shall keep championing going green. It’s something I’m really passionate about.’

Rebecca has also held motivational talks with local children, encouraging them to achieve their goals and be proud of whom they are.

‘It made me feel really good that I could get that message through, that there is only one you and being different and unique is a good thing. Being a role model for the youth has been such an honour and I really feel that I have been able to make a difference.’

Looking forward, Rebecca plans to use the educational scholarship, part of her Miss Cayman prize package, to study for a Masters in Business Administration, in addition to furthering her career.

She added: ‘Becoming Miss Cayman is one of the best things to ever happen to me. You gain so much from a pageant and it goes way beyond just beauty. It really allows you to look inside yourself and shine for who you are.’

The Miss Cayman pageant will be held at the Lions Centre Saturday, 23 August, 7pm. General admission tickets can be purchased in advance from Automotive Art, Cable & Wireless stores and also Le Classique. Tickets are $25, $15 for children aged 11 and under. Tickets sold at the gate are $30 and $17 for children.