Olympics in full swing

The Olympic opening ceremony drew applause from all over the world but a few days later, controversy surrounds that very ceremony. The Chinese authorities apparently replaced the real singer with Lin Mioke, only because the first girl was not considered ‘good looking’ enough.

Mioke is a popular face in China and has launched hundreds of brands in the country.

Mioke was the little girl in a red dress who was seen singing at the Olympic inaugural ceremony in Beijing.

However, the fact is that she was not singing, in fact, she was just lip-synching. The real singer, Yang Peiyi, remained behind the scenes and was not allowed on stage.

This duplicity is a perfect example of the extent to which China are going to create the ‘perfect’ Games.

Also, some moments of the opening ceremony seemed too good to be true. The fireworks displayed on the ceremony night were said to be computer generated so that they would look better on TV.

Another storm brewing is the age of the Chinese girl gymnasts. They are supposed to be at least 16 but look much younger which, if true, means they have a distinct advantage over older girls who have already hit puberty.

Despite all the controversies, the Games have been a marvellous spectacle. Michael Phelps’ quest for eight golds has kept viewers captivated and the Cayman swimmers have made a splash in their own way.

When the track and field events begin today, even more viewers will be tuned in worldwide. It should be another exciting week.