Camana Way opens up Saturday

A new road connecting West Bay Road to Camana Bay’s Town Centre will open Saturday.

Camana Way will be the main approach to Camana Bay for cars, bicyclists and pedestrians travelling from the Seven Mile Beach area. The road has two single lane carriageways, one-way in each direction, divided by a 30ft wide median which has been landscaped to represent a botanical transect of the Cayman Islands.

The walking trail that winds its way through the central median was the brainchild of Sandy Urquhart, senior vice president of Design for Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. who has worked with landscape architects Olin Partnership to create a living showcase of the island’s flora and fauna, using only native and indigenous plant materials.

Visitors taking a stroll along Camana Way will experience five of Cayman’s unique ecosystems, starting with the sandy coastline at the Seven Mile Beach end of the pathway where sea grapes and Silver Thatch Palms prevail. The sandy woodland system, which features broadleaf scarlet cordia and buttonwood trees, leads into the dry rocky limestone woodland commonly found at higher elevations in Grand Cayman. Here, jagged rocks of iron shore protrude amongst the smokewood, satinwood and candlewood trees. The fourth ecosystem is the moist woodland found on the Mastic Trail, where the Banana Orchid, Cayman’s national flower, can be seen in bloom in May and June. At the trail’s end, the seasonally flooded brackish wetlands, complete with mangroves, are recreated around specially made ponds, which are lit at night.

At several stages along the trail, the design team has created outdoor living rooms with benches and seats where visitors can sit and watch the birds, bees and butterflies that thrive on the native vegetation.

At night, the trail is gently lit with a bluish hue to represent moonlight, while dramatic hoop lights glow at regular intervals along the path.