Tourism issues discussed at sales summit

How the DoT will support the destination in preparing for and mitigating against a challenging US economic forecast, high fuel prices and growing airline uncertainties were the hot topics at the annual US summer marketing and sales strategy summit in Boston Massachusetts recently.

Minister of Tourism, Charles Clifford, and Acting Director of Tourism, Mr. Shomari Scott, hosted the summit. Joining the Ministry and Department of Tourism on 4 and 5 August were Cayman Airways and DoT’s US sales force and marketing agencies, said a press release.

Comprehensive research was provided on consumer attitudes and preferences, key Cayman Islands tourism demographics, a comprehensive product update, the state of the current travel climate and airline industry and more.

Each of the DoT’s sales teams and marketing agencies presented information highlighting key initiatives, projects, events and results from 2007-08 upon which to build for the coming year. The teams also analyzed policy objectives as a precursor to the in-depth strategy sessions planned for the coming days.

With Cayman Airways also playing an integral role in the proceedings, Chairperson Angelyn Hernandez and VP of Operations, Captain Olson Anderson, provided an update on strategic planning and the possible launch of additional services / routes, some slated to begin as soon as this winter depending on availability of equipment.

DoT’s Northeast team, led by Lisa Pisaturo, General Manager US, and Judie Akerman, Manager Northeast Region, put on an intensive multi-day itinerary. In addition to the meetings and strategy sessions, an authentic Massachusetts clambake at the historic Exchange Conference Centre at the Fish Pier was hosted in honour of the Minister.