Fast Courier speaks for itself

Cayman’s newest courier company has a mission and it’s not afraid to place it front and centre. It’s bound to happen if you name your company Fast.

fast courier

Oniel and Sherwayne Martin. Photo: Basia Pioro

That would be Fast Courier, Cayman’s newest service that delivers, and more.

‘What makes us special is that having experience in this business, we know all the creases and corners of the Island, and we can get your package delivered safely, and fast,’ says Managing Director Sherwayne Martin.

‘Nothing will stop us, not even terrible weather, we owe it to our clients,’ he says.

It’s not every day you see a young man of 23 assuming the stance of a seasoned businessman, but Mr. Martin exudes professionalism out of every pore.

Deliveries are meticulously logged, by hand and electronically, and Mr. Martin stresses all care is paid in ensuring packages are safe and dropped off as soon as possible.

A trained chef, Mr. Martin found himself working for another courier service when work dried up in the off-season. The need for precision and a solid work ethic has translated well into his career change.

‘I saw all that I had accomplished working for this other company it growing it and developing our client base, and thought about how it would be preferable if all this effort was going into working for myself,’ he laughs.

‘So I used what I learned, and set up shop on my own.’

Recent father of twins, Mr. Martin started his business up a mere three months ago. Competing with other smaller operators out there, Mr. Martin says Fast is marking its niche with a range of services that go beyond those of a traditional courier.

‘Maybe you have seen us distributing the Observer over the weekend, but that’s just one part of the picture,’ he says.

The services include one and three-hour deliveries, as well as on-site office moves (where, if the objects are sufficiently heavy, additional muscle pay may be required).

‘Because of our commitment to our clients, if we have a one-hour delivery timeframe and we can get it to you in five minutes, you’ll get it in five minutes,’ says Mr. Martin.

‘That’s why I chose the name, it says it all.’

Another useful service from Fast is P.O. box clearance.

‘We can do it as an occasional service, but if you subscribe to our P.O. box package, not only do we pick up and deliver your mail daily, twice a day, or weekly, we will also pick up outgoing mail and post it for you as well,’ says Mr. Martin.

But despite being all-business, Mr. Martin also recognises that when working alongside his brother, Oniel, clients feel a connection that goes above and beyond.

‘We noticed right away that when we work together we bring the kind of vibes that cheer up the client,’ he says.

‘I like that relationship we have working together, and I like that I can just be sure that we are of the same mindset in putting the client first,’ he says.