Home Gas names new operations manager

Mr. Derrell Ragsdale has been hired by Home Gas Ltd. to serve as its new operations manager.

With more than 15 years experience in the propane industry, Mr. Ragsdale brings considerable training and knowledge with him to the job.

Manager Dayne Brady said, ‘Bringing Darrell to Home Gas raises the bar on our ability to give customers the best service and offer the latest technology available. With Derrell we can take Home Gas to the next level.’

The first 10 years of Mr. Ragsdale’s career were spent with Suburban Propane, which at the time was the third largest propane company in the United States. His positions at Suburban included multiple positions — everything from service technician to driver and dock attendant to commercial and residential sales representative to general manager of its Austin, Texas, Customer Service Center.

In his role as operations manager with Home Gas, Mr. Ragsdale will be responsible for safely executing the day to day operations; coaching, training and managing the staff; generating new business and implementing customer service procedures. He will also work closely with the entire Home Gas team to assure strict adherence to all propane safety regulations.

Throughout the years, Mr. Ragsdale has received extensive certifications in propane safety by completing courses in the Certified Employee Training Program and Regulations such as NFPA 58 and NFPA 54 governing the storage, handling, transportation and installation of liquid petroleum-gas and fuel gas.

Mr. Ragsdale’s previous experience also included setting up large underground distribution systems to deliver propane on demand to individual homes in large communities.

‘We’d place a large underground tank within a subdivision and then run gas mains and set individual meters to each house,’ said Mr. Ragsdale.

‘This same kind of set-up would be a real bonus here. If a hurricane came along, an underground propane tank would remain secure, so the tank wouldn’t float away,’ said Mr. Ragsdale. ‘It’s safer plus it’s more aesthetically pleasing. Tanks last longer below the ground than they do above ground, so it’s environmentally greener to bury the tank below ground as well.’

A subsidiary of Bodden Holdings Ltd., Home Gas Ltd has been serving the Cayman Islands for more than 40 years from its headquarters on Grand Cayman and its terminal on Cayman Brac.

For more information, please contact Katie O’Neill, 345/925-7487.