Firefighters receive training

The Cayman Islands Fire Service recently sent Lead Fire Officer Pernell Bodden and Sub-Officer Curtis Connor to Darlington, England, where they received crew commander training and certification at the International Fire Training Centre.

During the 2½-week course, both men went through vigorous training in the classroom and on the training field.

The classroom course was designed to develop an expert level of knowledge about aircraft fire-fighting, while the field work exercises forced the trainees to apply that theory in real-world situations while under pressure.

‘The course was very intense, and a lot was expected of us in order to pass our tests,’ Mr. Bodden said.

Both officers said they were excited about their new certification and feel confident the work they put into completing the course will pay off.

According to Senior Divisional Officer Steve Webster, the fire service has sent officers on these training courses since the late 1970s and has a great track record at the facility in England.

‘I’m proud of both Mr Bodden and Mr Connor,’ Mr. Webster said.

The fire service requires quarterly and annual training assessments of its crew to maintain a high level of competency and to keep that training fresh in officers’ minds.