Ronald is knocked out

BEIJING (CIOC) – Ronald Forbes was red hot in the second round of the 110 hurdles in the Bird’s Nest Tuesday night and just knew, even in the midst of the race, that he was making it into the semi-finals, which propelled him even faster.

So it was a bitter disappointment with the finish line in his sight, Forbes toppled over that last hurdle. And just like that – he was knocked out of the semi-finals.

“13.51 was what made it back in and I was pretty sure I was faster than 13.51,” says Forbes. “But that last hurdle stood right in the way. It was nobody’s fault except mine. I know exactly what I did wrong. Unfortunately it had to happen tonight.”

Forbes was right there in the crucial third or fourth position to make to the semi-finals when the last hurdle fell says Coach Kenrick Williams.

“He was so aggressive over the last hurdle – I think that is what did him in,” says Williams. “It is nobody’s fault. It’s just that you really want to get to the line, but you have one more hurdle to climb before you get to that line.”

Forbes finished the second round with a time of 13.72 and an overall ranking of 26 out of 30 hurdlers.

In recent weeks, Forbes has struggled with an injury but came back strong to set a new national record and a personal best in the first round in the 110 hurdles. In just one season, Forbes had stepped his performance, reducing his time from 14.28 down to 13.59, which is the equivalent of a bus length in the sport says Forbes.

“Going what I went through this season – I thought it was an amazing season and that is basically how I have to wrap it up,” says Forbes.