Today’s Editorial for August 22: Cayman shone at Games

We mean what we say in the lead headline on today’s front page.

Cydonie Mothersill certainly did do the Cayman Islands proud at the Olympic Games in Beijing China.

For those of you who may have missed the final 200 metre race shown at 6.30am in the Cayman Islands, it was a heart-stopper.

Those of us who were glued to our televisions held our breaths as we heard the start gun blast and watched the runners leave their marks.

Some of us waved our arms as though pushing Cydonie ahead, but in the end, it was the Jamaicans who took the top two spots and an American in the third.

At the end of the race many of us had lumps in our throats and damp eyes, proud for Cydonie but upset by the look of disappointment on her face.

Cydonie didn’t lose the race, though. She re-won the hearts of her countrymen, something she’s always had.

Put this in perspective – Cydonie Mothersill, who hails from the tiny triple islands of Cayman, is the 8th best runner the world in the 200 metre race.

That’s just awesome.

And so is Cydonie.

To get to the final of an Olympic event is a huge accomplishment for any athlete.

Jamaica is planning a huge celebration when its Olympians return home. We should do no less for our athletes.

All four Cayman Islands Olympians – Cydonie, Shaune and Brett Fraser and Ronald Forbes gave performances that those of us who watched will not soon forget.

We don’t know if Cydonie will continue her Olympic career; it’s something she hasn’t decided.

If she does, she’ll have her country’s support again.

The Fraser brothers and Ronald are all young enough to walk away from these Olympic Games with knowledge of what’s needed to win and the time to hone their skills for the next Games.

We look forward to their return, along with members of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee, families and friends to hear their stories of their time in Beijing.

To all of our Olympians, thank you for your dedication, professionalism and recognition that you are role models for youngsters coming up behind you.

You all did Cayman proud.