Officers’ legal fund established

A legal protection fund for Royal Cayman Islands Police officers will be established as part of proposed revisions to the Police Law.

The Police Bill (2008 Revision) is expected to come before the Legislative Assembly for a vote later this year.

Donations to the fund would be applied toward legal fees associated with claims brought against a police officer in relation to his or her actions while on duty. There are some circumstances in which officers are not individually liable for actions, such as when they are serving a warrant.

However, the new police bill also proposes the creation of a citizen review authority, which would have the power to investigate complaints made against police by members of the public. Presumably some of those complaints could lead to legal action if they are founded.

The police commissioner would be responsible for administering the legal protection fund.

No donations are required of officers under the proposal, but the Police Bill (2008 Revision) would allow the commissioner’s office to accept voluntary contributions to the fund from officers or the general public.