Customer service is lacking

I have been coming to Cayman for many years and have recently experienced some very poor service on this Island.

I took my family to a franchise restaurant last week. We were seated at a table and after 12 minutes I asked a server walking by if I could please have a menu. She said, ‘this is not my section and pointed over to a man stating that it was his section. Another 20 minutes went by and still no service. We left.

We then left and went to another franchise restaurant. The server asked what I would like, I placed my order. She then turned around sneezed and without missing a beat asked what kind of bread?

She never covered her face or washed her hands after the sneeze.

We left and ate lunch elsewhere.

The next evening, we went to a popular restaurant on the waterfront where the bartender dipped a glass into a bin to fill it with ice. A piece of my glass was chipped and to this day I do not know who is going to get the chip in their mouth.

This same restaurant also has a sign at the bar, gratuities not included, but when you get your bill there is a 15 per cent charge.

I shop at a well known grocery store about two times per week. Upon check out, I cannot even get a thank you from the clerk. How sad!

It seems many of the business in Cayman have gone down the tubes. What happened to cashiers saying “Hi” and “Thank You/Bye”, “Have a nice day”, anything!?

I spent a lot of money at a home centre as well and the clerks there act as if you are lucky that they are cashing you out. Again, no greeting or thank you.

These were consistent everywhere we went. I am sad to see my hard earned dollars are not appreciated in Cayman.

Where is the local health department?

Servers should be trained to follow basis health standards and managers should train for proper customer service.

I was really appalled at the new lower standard of service all through this Island. I do hope it improves.

L. Tomasso