Apology for letter

I regret some of the comments that I made in the recent letter to the Editor and which the Compass published.

Furthermore, I would like to extend my sincere apology to the various companies, government agencies in the islands, and the many people all of whom I know are very concerned about the environment, especially the Cayman Free Press.

Many may very well have been offended and justifiably so.

My letter was a sudden impulse, poorly written and ill-conceived, as a comment to an item in the paper concerning the environment and prediction of a strong hurricane season, which sort of energised my concern about the misinformation out there about climate change, among other things that are happening in Cayman. Actually, it was intended only as a comment; I never expected it to be published.

Please forgive me, and please publish this letter so that the next time I arrive in Cayman, I hopefully will not be tarred and feathered.

Murray A. Roed