Airline pricing is senseless

My favourite subject lately has been airline service to Grand Cayman.

We all cheered when Spirit Airlines came to Grand Cayman. Lower fares, ‘better’ service!

Well Spirit Airlines seems to have stopped service to Grand Cayman effective September. No reasons given, no explanations at all.

I tried contacting them while I was looking for flights in September, November and January to no avail.

Now at least they let you know they ‘have no service’ between September 2008 and February 2009 to Grand Cayman.

What’s this all about?

Does the Cayman Islands Government require an airline to meet some sort of a permanent schedule and not just stop service without warning?

Spirit flies from Atlantic City, NJ, 20 minutes from my New Jersey home.

It was very convenient, but with very poor customer service.

I never received answers to my emails and calling customer service was a long, long wait for someone from New Delhi to answer the call.

After getting through they usually have only reservations and do not deal with any problems.

Cayman Airlines has great customer service but the prices are high.

I did notice since Spirit has stopped their flights, all other airlines have raised their fares.

As a rental property owner these increased fares are slowing down bookings.
Can Cayman’s air code share with a low cost USA airline?

Hopefully another discount airline will fill the void left by Spirit, say Jet Blue or South West.

A typical fare to GCM from Philadelphia, PA, is US$550.

I am flying to Los Angeles from Philadelphia for $249 in September. This makes no sense to me.

Vince Macaluso