Todays’ Editorial for August 26: Don’t wait to prepare for weather

If you don’t believe we’re in the peak of hurricane season, just turn on the Weather Channel.

Not only are announcers giving us tropical updates at 10 to the hour, but they’re breaking routine to keep us informed about Tropical Depression Fay and that nasty looking blob that turned into Tropical StormGustav due south of Hispaniola.

Gustav was projected to become a hurricane by Tuesday.

If it slows down, turns more westerly and begins gaining strength, we could be looking at the first real threat to the Cayman Islands in Hurricane Season 2008.

What we have to do is keep an eye on this storm and an ear to what our meteorologists tell us.

This potential storm is scary because even the best of the experts on Monday morning couldn’t predict exactly where it might go.

One website jester even had landfall drawn in a circle taking the storm through the western Caribbean and all of the Gulf Coast, coming back over Hispaniola.

We don’t think it will be that bad, but like the experts, we just don’t know.

That is why we implore you to make sure your hurricane supplies are well stocked and the foodstuffs fresh.

If you haven’t already gotten your important documents – passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, insurance papers, etc. – together in a waterproof bag or container, do it now.

Don’t wait.

If you’ve been putting off forming a hurricane plan for your home or business, get busy.

If you take prescription medicine take action now to get it refilled so you don’t run out if a storm strikes us.

Does it flood where you live? If you’re new to the Islands and don’t know, ask your neighbours. If you are in a flood-prone area find a place now to take shelter.

While Government does provide shelters in each district, those facilities can’t hold thousands of people so it’s best to find friends who live on higher ground to camp out with.

Once – and if – bad weather is on its way to the Cayman Islands we all need to be prepared.

And for heaven’s sake, please don’t wait until the last minute to buy things like canned goods, water, flashlights, plywood, lamp oil, batteries and gasoline.

When you wait until the last minute you are causing problems for yourself and the others who waited until the last minute.

Too, by waiting until it’s almost too late you can be guaranteed that some of the items you need will be out of stock.

We all know that we live in a hurricane-prone region of the world.

To not be prepared is foolish.