Customer service is lacking

I am here to say that I completely agree with Mr. Tomasso.

I am a born and raised Caymanian and the attitude I get from local business on this island is all the same.

Many people treat you as if you are a bother to them and aren’t very friendly.

I am not only the person who have had this problem, many people young and old have complained that everywhere they go they get that same treatment.

Too many staff in these businesses act as if you, the customer, are begging them a favour for their service even if you are a paying customer. It’s quite frustrating and discouraging.

It makes me not even want to revisit these stores with the rude CSR’s.

I am aware many business owners aren’t aware of how their staff treats customers, but sometimes the acting supervisor is no better than the person who served you.

I feel adequate training might be in order for many of these businesses that hire just anyone off the street.

Most people I have dealt with, if they weren’t rude and nonchalant, they couldn’t speak or understand English very well, which is another concerning matter, as how the majority of people who visit these stores can indeed speak English.

I know many of them get frustrated as well when they ask for an item or a service and the CSR ignores their request due to the fact they did not understand what the customer said.

We the people of the Cayman Islands are known for our friendly atmosphere and warm culture, so please let us continue with this trend and not give tourists another reason to leave this island for somewhere else. Also we must treat everyone like they are important whether they spend $5 or $500 in your store, it’s all the same.

In many stores I see the sign right by the cashier’s register that the customer is always right, but yet have to see it implemented.

P. Dickson