Today’s Editorial for August 27: Getting in hurricane mode

Don’t be surprised if you find your Friday edition of the Caymanian Compass out on the streets a little bit earlier than normal.

Like everyone else in the Cayman Islands the staff at Cayman Free Press is preparing for what could become a bad storm as Hurricane Gustav continues its march across the Caribbean.

We have every intention of living up to our obligations to our loyal readers and advertisers to deliver the information you need to know to carry on with your lives whether Gustav strikes us or not.

Because the Friday edition of the Caymanian Compass is the last paper edition we will have for the week, readers with access to the Internet can keep up with storm projections, warnings and government statements at our website throughout the weekend at

As we put this newspaper to bed Tuesday afternoon we are aware that the Cayman Islands will probably be under a Hurricane Watch when you pick up this newspaper today.

Right now word is that the Sister Islands will get the brunt of Gustav, but residents and visitors on Grand Cayman have been warned by weather experts to expect sustained winds of 100 to 120 miles an hour when and if the storm gets to our shores as a possible Category 3 or Category 4 hurricane.

That’s a lot of wind and from the pictures we’ve seen in Haiti and the Dominican, Gustav is also packing a lot of water.

Our prayers go out to the people of Haiti where it is more than likely lives will be lost in massive flooding from Gustav.

And we will continue to pray for the people of Cuba, Jamaica and us, the Cayman Islands.

Many people on all three Islands were already in hurricane preparation mode Tuesday and we’re sure those efforts will be ratcheted up today and Thursday.

No one knows exactly what Gustav is going to do, but in the words of AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Ken Reeves, it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

As the storm gets closer to the Cayman Islands more and more people will find themselves in long lines at retail establishments stocking up on hurricane supplies.

Please remember to be patient with your fellow man during this time and realise that some of the items you need may not be on the shelves because many people took advantage of the advance warning and prepared early.

When stocking up remember that Gustav is predicted to go into the Gulf of Mexico. From there it could go anywhere along the Gulf Coastal states, which means shipments of goods to the Cayman Islands from the US will more than likely be delayed. Be sure you have enough provisions on hand to last more than a week.

The Thursday edition of the Caymanian Compass will contain relevant information about what to do before, during and after a storm as well as a listing of Government shelters.

In between the paper editions the website, will constantly be updated with the latest news reports and announcements from government agencies.

Get prepared now.