CAL flights for Gustav

All Cayman Airways flights are expected to operate according to the normal schedule, with the exception of the following cancellations:

KX792 GCM-JFK (Aug 27, Aug 28, Aug 29);

KX793 JFK-GCM (Aug 28, Aug 29, Aug 30);

KX832 GCM-HAV (Aug 28, Aug 29);

KX833 HAV-GCM (Aug 28, Aug 29).

Passengers are advised to contact their travel agents or Cayman Airways Ticket Office for alternate travel arrangements.

In addition, the following flights will be added on Thursday, 28 August:

Flight 3401 to Cayman Brac departs at 6.30am and arrives at 7am;

Flight 3402 from Cayman Brac departs at 7.30am and arrives at 8am;

Flight 3600 to Kingston departs at 11.45am and arrives at 12.40pm;

Flight 3601 from Kingston departs at 1.30pm and arrives at 2.25pm;

Flight 3102 to Miami departs at 8am and arrives at 10.20am;

Flight 3103 from Miami departs at 11.20am and arrives at 11.40am;

Flight 3114 to Miami departs 8.45am and arrives 11.50am;

Flight 3115 from Miami departs 12.05pm and arrives 12.25pm;

Flight 3104 to Miami departs 12.40pm and arrives 3pm;

Flight 3105 from Miami departs 4pm and arrives 4.20pm;

Flight 3116 to Miami departs 1.25pm and arrives 3.45pm;

Flight 3117 from Miami departs at 4.45pm and arrives at 5.05pm;

Flight 3106 to Miami departs 7.40pm and arrives 10pm;

Flight 3110 to Miami departs 8.40pm and arrives 11pm;

Flight 3118 to Miami departs 9.20pm and arrives 11.40pm;

Flight 3112 to Miami departs 10.20pm and arrives 12.40am;

Flight 3200 to Tampa departs 4pm and arrives 6.40pm;

Flight 3201 from Tampa departs 7.40pm and arrives 8.20pm.

Because of the uncertainty surrounding the date of resumption of normal operations, return tickets are currently not being confirmed between 30 August and 5 September. Passengers wishing to confirm return flights are able to do so outside of these dates at the published hurricane fare.

The one-way hurricane fares will be US$250 (including taxes) for Grand Cayman to South Florida and US$75 (including taxes) between Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands.

The hurricane fare was available from 12:01am Wednesday August 27.

Change fees/penalties are being waived for all passengers travelling to or from any Cayman Airways gateway between 26 and 31 August. Only two changes per ticket are permitted. For passengers who decide to cancel their reservations, a travel voucher for the full value of the ticket may be issued. This voucher must be issued before departure of original travel date and is valid for travel only on Cayman Airways for a year from the date of issuance.

Passengers are asked to ensure that all travel documents are in order, which include: visas, re-entry stamps and all other immigration requirements.

Check the Cayman Airways website at or with the Cayman Airways Reservations Department at 949-2311.