Gustav related notices

Collect cargo

The Port Authority advises the public that has cargo and vehicles at the distribution centre, dock facility or warehouse, to collect these items now.

Residents are advised that Port Authority Regulation 8 states that the Authority is not responsible for: ‘loss or damage to freight on or in its facilities by reason of fire, leakage, evaporation, natural shrinkage, wastage, decay, animals, rodents, moisture, the elements, discharge of water from sprinkler fire protection systems or from any other causes.’

For more information contact Cayman Islands Port Authority Operations Manager Willem Jacobs on 949-2055 (main), 914-3755 (direct) or [email protected].

Get mail

The Cayman Islands Postal Service wants it customers to know that once the National Hurricane Committee has declared a hurricane watch, it is the time to collect mail and parcels. Since the Postal Service has to secure every piece of mail, letters and parcels are put away in a safe location once Government Offices are given permission to close and it is too late then to collect your mail or parcels.

Remember once Government Offices close Postal Service employees are putting away the mail for safekeeping and it is too late to collect your mail or parcels.

And don’t forget to put your post office box key somewhere safe.

Immigration meeting postponed

The Immigration District Evening public meeting for George Town, scheduled for the Family Life Centre on Walkers Road Thursday at 7pm, has been postponed due to bad weather.

The public will be informed of any further changes to the schedule of meetings.

WestStar tips

WestStar TV is ready for hurricane season and wants to make sure residents know what to do if a storm is approaching. A few simple steps can ensure family members are safe and service can be restored quickly.

• If power is lost, unplug set top boxes and move them to a safe, dry location.

• Do not attempt to remove towers or antennas. If you are concerned about the safety of your tower, please call Customer Care at 745-5555 before a warning has been declared to ensure a technician can assess the situation.

• Tune in to Cayman 27, cable channel 12, during the watch and warning stages for regular updates on the storm’s progress, news from the NHC, and shelter information, and Island 24, cable channel 9, which will broadcast The Weather Channel 24 hours a day.

• After the all clear is given plug your set top boxes back in and report any faults to Customer Care at 745-5555. Do not attempt to make any repairs yourself.

• WestStar TV used lessons learned from Ivan to upgrade infrastructure and facilities. The Head End and all critical equipment are now housed in a newly-constructed hurricane rated building. WestStar’s disaster plan includes ordering extra stock to prepare for any losses during a storm.