Water services are interrupted

Pipe breaks in Bodden Town and George Town left some Water Authority customers without water Wednesday morning.

Water authority customers in the Eastern Districts were expected to be without water for four hours after a small break was discovered in a pipe near the old drive-in theatre in Bodden Town.

It was the second service interruption in a week for eastern district customers, after a broken pipe near the Bodden Town Police Station left customers without water for 12 hours on 20 August.

A second break Wednesday on Smith Road near the Cayman Prep School affected customers on Smith Road between Bobby Thompson Way and Pines Road. Customers in the area were expected to be without water for three to four hours, said Bob Robler, the authority’s chief operations manager.

‘We’ve had a lot of problems in that area. While we are still not sure what the cause of the break was, typically it’s been a split in the bottom of the pipe, probably from ground movement or truck traffic.’

While both breaks were discovered in the early morning, the authority waited until 9am to turn off services in an effort to minimise inconvenience to customers and motorists, Mr. Robler explained.

He said Wednesday’s two pipe breaks were unrelated. The break in Bodden Town was also unrelated to last week’s break that affected eastern district customers, he said.

‘It seems like we have more breaks at this time of year. The heat causes the road to expand and contract a little bit and with truck traffic on it, that can be a problem. It causes a little more movement.’