Hurricane shelters

There are 16 designated Class A hurricane shelters across Grand Cayman in the coming hurricane season, capable of housing up to 4,300 people if necessary.

Of these, six have been declared Emergency Medical Centers, and will have trained medical personnel and nurses on hand to provide assistance to the most vulnerable in the community.

On the Brac, there are three shelters, including one EMC, providing a total of 670 places.

On Little Cayman, the Public Works Department building has been designated as an EMC and can accommodate about 140 people.

EMC’s may be appropriate for:

  • Wheelchair bound persons with medical needs
  • Persons with severely reduced mobility
  • Persons with non-violent mental illness
  • Medically impaired individuals who can maintain daily living activities with special assistance
  • Persons having continuous IV therapy; or
  • Oxygen dependant persons

Those who fit the criteria for an EMC must be accompanied by a caregiver, who must remain with them for the duration of their stay.

EMC’s may continue to be used after a hurricane if access to other health services is disrupted.

While shelters are open to all members of the public, The Department of Children and Family Services’ Lynda Mitchell, who is in charge of shelter operations, says if your home is safe and you feel safe there, then consider riding the storm out at home.

2008 Shelters

George Town

  • John Gray High School Assembly Hall
  • George Hicks High School Multipurpose Hall
  • George Town Primary School Assembly Hall
  • University College of the Cayman Islands Hall
  • Red Cross Building
  • Prospect Primary School (EMC)

West Bay

  • West Bay Primary School
  • Primary School Assembly Hall (EMC)
  • John Gray Memorial Church Hall

East End

  • East End Primary School
  • East End Civic Center
  • Gun Bay Community Hall

North Side

  • North Side Civic Center (EMC)


  • Community Hall

Bodden Town

  • Primary School Multipurpose Hall (EMC)


  • Primary School Assembly Hall (EMC)

Cayman Brac

  • Aston Rutty Centre (EMC)
  • West End Primary School
  • New Day Care Centre

Little Cayman

  • Public Works Department Building

For more information on hurricane shelters, call Lynda Mitchell on 949-0290, or, if urgent, on 925-5346.