Touchy Feely stand firm

The conclusion of week eight saw the HSBC Rabobies drop down to 3rd place as Flour and Dream Maker 5 Nations moved to joint 1st in the premier division.

HSBC, who had a monopoly on the top spot throughout the early stages of the league, were thrashed by Flour 10-1 in their week eight encounter.

HSBC will be left wondering why their usually strong side were embarrassed so heavily having looked unbeatable at the start of the season.

With two more weeks of the regular season remaining there may be hope yet to salvage some dignity for the Rabobies.

In the 2nd division the Stuarts Walker Hersant Touchy Feely side marched their way to 1st place with a 6-2 win over Appleby.

Appleby, much like their HSBC counterparts in the premier division, were a one time powerhouse. But having suffered three defeats in eight weeks they now cling to 3rd place.

Elsewhere in the 2nd division Grant Thornton hammered 2nd place CML Spartans 5-0 to keep their playoff hopes alive and remain in 5th place.

In the 3rd division, Citco remain undefeated after a spirited effort by Goldman Sachs resulted in an 8-4 win to Citco.

Pundits thought that with the departure of try machine Sam Eaton, cracks would appear in the Citco armour.

But it would appear that Eaton has been replaced by Matt Toddman. Toddman alone recorded four of the eight tries against Goldman Sachs.

With so few weeks left in the regular season Citco look likely to remain on top of the 3rd division. Their closest rivals are Z99 and H Proportions, who are three wins behind.