Everyone helped in East End

Sixty-four people took shelter on Friday at the William Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre in East End to wait out Gustav.

gustav east end

Assistant shelter warden Brenda Dawkins checks the logbook.

That number included five residents and seven staff of Sunrise Cottage, a home for the elderly.

Although the building lost generator power around 3am, people were quiet and cooperative, said assistant shelter manager Brenda Dawkins. ‘Everybody was helping each other.’

Shelter staff included police, nurses and a doctor, she noted.

Checking the shelter logbook, Ms Dawkins reported that people started gathering their belongings around 7.30 Saturday morning, leaving the shelter through an un-shuttered door on the northwest side of the building.

Later, a team from Public Works Department arrived to asses the situation. Warden Jasmine Powell, who had opened the shelter at 8am the previous day, wondered if she could have done anything to get the generator working again.

Mr. Everton Campbell reassured her. ‘She could not have fixed it,’ he confirmed after checking the generator’s various components.

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