Port isn’t needed

As a young Caymanian, who has worked in the tourism industry from my first job and who has met Mr. Bob Soto I agree with him.

Why do we need this port facility?

Why do we need bigger ships?

I think that government should look into some sort of permanent moorings again.

Wouldn’t they have less impact on the environment? Possibly some sort of structure that can be moved in in-climate weather.

We can barely handle the small ships we have now. We need to cater to stay over tourism more; people that are going to stay and spend money and enjoy our beautiful island, not just come and trample all over everything (and everyone) and leave only spending a few dollars and seeing maybe a few hundred yards of a crowded beach (if there is one left if this is allowed to happen).

Come on people, wake up. What’s good for today may not be good for tomorrow.

Mr. Soto I’m on your side and I hope there are others too.

Jonathan Rivers

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