Road closure bad business

As bad as the news was Thursday morning, concerning the infamous police helicopter, what we had to endure this evening was far worse.

I am a keen supporter of the RCIP, but Thursday night my allegiance was sorely tested.

Whichever police officer authorised closure of South Church Street during the peak rush hour period needs to publicly apologise for this disastrous error of judgement and promise never to do it again, at least not at the behest of a commercial enterprise, rather than for a genuine emergency.

The RCIP traffic department of all people should be aware of the disastrous consequences of closing an arterial road at the precise time when thousands of commuters are leaving the office to return home.

I really thought the police learned their lesson when they closed Harbour Drive for two days several years ago for the supposed benefit of our dearly beloved cruise sheep passengers. I, along with every other driver in George Town tonight, took 30 minutes to travel 100 yards as every road was jammed!

What makes this situation even more galling is that the jewellery store, which requested the road closure, only had at most three dozen guests turn up, for which thousands of commuters had to endure absolute misery.

As I was completely stuck, I parked my car and walked to the jewellery establishment to inform them of the problems they had caused and I was amazed to see that the tent they had erected on the road had nothing and no-one inside it. Even the general manager in charge had to admit to me that there was no real need to erect the tent and therefore no need to close the road.

However her response to my complaint was simply that the police had authorised it.

I along with I am sure, all the other George Town commuters anxiously await a statement from the RCIP on this matter.

Roger M. Davies

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