Today’s Editorial for September 8: Schools in, take care

Ahhh, the good old days of summer.

Too bad they’re over, in more ways that one.

Students got a break from teachers, lessons and schools over the summer and that spilled in to a break for morning rush-hour commuters.

Now it’s all changed.

While Hurricane Gustav delayed the start of Government schools, they were in full force Thursday morning.

So was the traffic.

Now that our children have returned to the hallowed halls of education we must remember to mind our p’s and q’s while driving, especially in school zones.

There are flashing lights and signs that warn motorists to slow down to 15mph in schools zones, but unless there is a patrol car or policeman at the zone, the speed limits are virtually ignored.

According to recent statistics obtained by Cayman Free Press, is appears that we now have more than 60,000 people in the country.

That translates in to more people using our roadways, creating possibly more hazards.

We rue the day when we have to report in the Caymanian Compass the injury or death of a child in a school zone because a driver was being careless.

Drivers are encouraged to always be courteous, but especially in school zones where children are being dropped off and picked up.

With an increase in population that translates into an increase in roadway traffic, we must all be vigilant in our own personal driving habits.

There is still too much speeding, overtaking on solid lines and abrupt stopping in the middle of the road to collect or deposit passengers to consider Cayman’s roadways safe.

Don’t look to the police for answers. There’s not enough manpower on the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to man every driver and every vehicle in the Cayman Islands.

It is up to individual drivers to ensure that they are following the rules of the road and being courteous. And by that we don’t mean letting a stream of cars out of a parking lot and into the flow of vehicles while the traffic light is green.

We also implore school buses to slow down and take some extra care when drivers are hauling our precious cargo.

Lastly we ask parents that take their children to school and pick them up to observe signage and perform the tasks in an orderly manner.

Those parents who have children riding buses, please implore on them to remain in their seats on the rides to and from school and to be on their best behaviour.

If we all work together we can ensure that this school year is a safe one for our students as we traverse our roadways.

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