Cayman National unveils roundabout

The new Cayman National Roundabout on Elgin Avenue is officially open.

Friday morning Minister Arden McLean, CNB management and directors, Panton family representative Jeannine Thompson-Evans and NRA’s Brian Tomlinson unveiled the three Caymanian landmarks in front of invited guests and passing motorists.

The roundabout design captures the spirit and character of the Cayman Islands through the use of natural rock, marine life and native landscaping.

One wall features turtles, another, stars with a memorial plaque in recognition of the property donor and the other, fish and stingrays. The roundabout also sports three flag poles.

In a short speech Minister Mclean said the roundabout is one of the most creative designs to have emerged since his ministry began its roundabout adoption programme.

He also said he believed the colourful and artistic landscaping initiative set the standard for road enhancement in the area. ‘Its aesthetic appeal is nothing short of outstanding. But even more importantly, this CNB roundabout project celebrates and permanently displays Cayman’s marine heritage – the part of our history more than any other that made us who we are today.’

This design has certainly raised the bar, setting a new, and hopefully achievable standard for others who have expressed interest in adopting a roundabout.’

Mr. McLean also encouraged other organisations to add their creative interpretations to the remaining roundabouts across the island. ‘Keeping our country safe, clean and beautiful is a task in which we all have a role. Our roundabouts certainly provide an ideal opportunity for corporations to make their civic contribution.’

Cayman National was also thanked for including a plaque in memory of the Panton family that donated the property to the people of the Cayman Islands.

Karoly Szucs of Artisan Metal Works was also acknowledged for the metal handcrafted designs of sea turtles and marine life on the three walls. The sea turtles, made from weathering steel are designed to rust and require no maintenance. The marine life is made from stainless steel. All walls sport the Cayman National logo.

The roundabout is an amenity sponsorship agreement between the Cayman Government and Cayman National.

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