Cayman Christian-based society

The Caymanian society is a Christian based society and gay marriage is against the Christian religion.

Just because we are a small community doesn’t mean that we should be so heavily influenced by those outside our community.

This is why the Cayman Islands are heading in a downward spiral; we are compromising our ideals and religious beliefs for the sake of a buck. We need to stick up for our rights and represent who we are.

I agree with Mr. Anglin and Mr. Tibbetts; what people do behind closed doors is their own business but when it affects the whole population it becomes an issue.

Yes, I know we are a country heavily based on tourism and I know that the world is drastically changing but look where this has gotten them – we live in a world of pollution, high crime rates, starvation, poverty, unemployment.

We all have the right to believe what we want to believe and we all have the freedom to choose our sexual orientation but a majority of the people of the Cayman Islands don’t consent to gay marriage so why do we have to compromise for the select few who don’t agree?

We don’t need to approve gay marriage in the Cayman Islands because they have been coming here for years now while we had this law so I don’t see why it should be a problem.

If they don’t like how we run things in the Cayman Islands then why do they come back?

When you go to someone’s house you don’t expect them to do everything your way, you follow their routines.

So then how can you expect to go to another country and demand that your rights and beliefs be recognised, you have to follow the rules of that country you can’t just demand they do it your way.

Again, I know we are a tourism based economy and that is taking a turn for the worst but are we really going to comprise our beliefs just make money? Are we that greedy?

Anika Conolly

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