Give family time, peace

As many people have already heard, we recently suffered a tremendous loss – the death of my youngest daughter, Kiara Garcia.

This heartbreaking tragedy occurred while we were vacationing with family in Tampa, Florida.

Yet adding to the unconscionable distress are constant and unfounded rumours that persist in making their way back to my family and me about what actually occurred. Accordingly, through this letter, I both seek to set the record straight and ask for respect and consideration as we deal with this calamity privately.

This will be my only public statement on the facts and we hope that the Caymanian spirit of nurturing and family will allow those who are spreading ill-founded rumours to desist so that my family can mourn in peace.

Losing my daughter was tragic, but in every respect it was an accident. We were at the pool as a family with our friends from Tampa. Some hotel employees were also present. Kiara, her sister and our friends’ children were all in the pool at the time. Kiara did not run off by herself, nor was she alone; no one was drinking and I was not on the phone. A hotel guest administered CPR prior to the arrival of paramedics. They transported Kiara to the hospital where she passed away.

I do not feel that I should find it necessary to elaborate on this personal matter in this way. However, for the sake of my elder daughter’s well-being, other family members, and my own recovery, this seems to be the best avenue to reach those who insist on unfounded speculation and judgmental attitudes.

Please allow us to honour KiKi through loving memories, rather than generating the feeling that I must be out there defending my family. Our grief will be everlasting and I am sure that those who have lost a loved one through tragedy will understand our pain and appreciate our need for comfort and peace at this time.

Chaka Watler-Garcia

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