Chanderpaul’s out of Lara’s shadow

Theo Cuffy is the technical director of Cayman Islands cricket.

An accomplished former player himself, Cuffy captained the Trinidad national side in the 70s.

Cuffy was not surprised that Chanderpaul is the ICC Player of the Year because he has been monitoring the career of the Guyanese since he was a teenager.

Cuffy said: ‘I’m proud as a West Indian of Chanderpaul’s achievements and always said that he’s a fantastic cricketer.

‘He has the sort of personality where he goes about his job with no flair or fancy at all. He is fully deserving of this achievement and I hope we can have more people emulating him.

‘I’ve known Chanders since 1992 when he was playing for the first time in the telecom tournament.

‘He was a frail little youngster who hasn’t put on much pounds since. He stood out then and his dedication has been tremendous.

‘Chanderpaul has remained in Brian Lara’s shadow all these years but been going about his business quietly since then. Now we are seeing the fruit of his labours and I congratulate him.’

On the local scene, the seniors (over 40s) are gearing up for a tournament soon.

Cuffy said: ‘Our senior team is in training for the ICC tournament which will be held in Florida in November and every Sunday there will be a practice game at the Smith Road Oval. The boys will be there trying to sharpen up.’