Digicel Cup inspires locals

The Digicel Cup competition is in full swing and Cayman’s footballers must be really appreciative that their main sponsors, Digicel, who opened their flagship store last week have the cup on display there.

The footballers are in intense training for the next Digicel Cup round.

They go to Guadeloupe in a few weeks and hope to qualify for the finals in Jamaica soon after.

And in case the footballers need any more inspiration, all they have to do is go to the newly opened Digicel store in Camana Bay where the cup stands in a cabinet.

Casandra Harris, Digicel’s head of marketing, said: ‘We’re really, really excited about the opening of this store. We wanted not just to open our flagship store but also to show our appreciation of the media.

‘One of the things Digicel is intent on is not just showing its appreciation of its customers but also the community for welcoming Digicel.

‘We’ve just finished the Caribbean Championships. The Cayman boys are on their way to the next stage and we’re really excited about it and we have the Digicel Championship Cup displaying in the store.

‘It will be here for the next few months and we want to make sure it stays in Cayman, that our boys go out and win it in Jamaica and it stays here. It looks very beautiful here and we just need the Cayman flag on it now.

‘We’re inviting everyone to come down and have a look around at what we have here.’

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