Brittain’s record remains

The Fidelity Fun Run series has started and there was no surprise about the winner.

Scott Brittain retained his unbeaten record since arriving here a year ago.

He did the two mile course which started at the John Gray High School at 7:30am in just over 10 minutes on Saturday. Around 100 people competed. Some were parents with pushchairs.

Second was Russell Coleman and third Dave Walker. Brittain only won by a few seconds so the next running of the Fidelity Fun Run series, at the same place and time, on Saturday, should be interesting.

Brittain said: ‘I was a little bit unsure as to my fitness, this being my first race of the year. I know that Russ and Dave are running quite well so it was good just to hold them off, I just had enough energy to spare.

‘Hopefully, I should be in a little bit better shape next week. The times, hopefully will come down and I’ll get closer to 10 minutes.

Brittain hopes to defend his Cayman marathon title in December ‘if my body lets me!’

He smashed the old marathon record by several minutes last year. He added: ‘My intention is to run it. My beer consumption is down on last year, which is good. I need all the assistance I can get.’

Coleman said: ‘I’m getting quicker. I’ve been training with Scott which is obviously helping me but I couldn’t quite match him today. When he pushed the pace up I couldn’t quite keep up with him.

‘My main focus will be for the Cayman marathon too and get a good a time as possible.’

Brittain, 32, was a championship class runner in his native Australia. Coleman runs for the fitness aspect. ‘I just run to keep fit and keep the weight down, I’m not an elite runner by any means but if I can try to stay as close to Scott as possible then I’m happy with that.

Coleman’s not a triathlete either. ‘No, I can’t swim so I just stick to the running.’

Kedeen Foster was the first woman home. The 19-year-old Jamaican ran 13 mins 03 secs. She runs 400 metres relay and hurdles, 800m and 1500m and wants to get to the next Olympics running for Jamaica. A student at Cayman Academy who has lived here for five years, she said: ‘Running keeps you active, fit and focused. I’m inspired by the Jamaicans from the Olympics and want to be a track star too.’

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