Ballers close in on indoor glory

Indoor five-a-side football will see the start of its playoffs next week.

The fall edition of the WestTel Five-A-Side football league finished on last night and playoffs are set to begin on Monday 22 September.

The playoffs will see teams in action from division one as well as the X-Gen and Gold Conferences. In total, the WestTel Arena at Kings Sports Centre will play host to 24 teams over the next three weeks.

The division one playoffs are set to start on Monday. All eight teams will battle it out and a champion is slated to be crowned October 6.

Meanwhile the top eight teams from both the X-Gen and Gold conferences will be in action.

The top seeds from one group will face the lower seeds of the other. The overall champions are expected to be named on October 15.

One of the first teams in action for division one will be RCC Strikers. They were able to grab the division title past the likes of Britthay Warriors and Burger King.

The complete division one playoff schedule is as follows:

Monday will see start of play in the quarter-finals. At 7pm, No.1 seed RCC Strikers take on No.8 CFP. Then at 8pm, No.2 Britthay Warriors take on No.7 Marble and More while No.3 Burger King battles No.6 CML Claymores at 9pm.

No.4 seed Century 21 takes on No.5 Dart on Tuesday at 9pm.

Then the semi-finals get underway Monday 29 September. At 7pm, the winners of the first and fourth quarter-final games do battle before the winners of the other quarter-final games face off at 8pm.

Afterwards, the championship game will be on display. Monday 6 October will see an epic showdown between the winners of both semi-final games.

Meanwhile Gold Conference winners Old Boys will face the number eight seed out of the X-Gen conference, which will likely be Maples and Calder.

That game, at 7pm, will be on Tuesday 23 September and signal the start of the pool one quarter-finals.

At 8pm that day the No.2 seed from the Gold conference will take on No.7 BDO Tortuga of the X-Gen conference.

The other pool one games will see No.3 take on No.6 Deloitte at 8pm and No.4 take on No.5 UBS at 9pm.

In the pool two quarterfinals Transformers take on KPMG Blue Rays at 7pm on Wednesday. Thursday sees McApline United against Brickhouse Devils, KPMG versus Caledonian and Coconut Joes against Ey Old Man United.

From there, action shifts to the semi-finals for both pools. Games will be played on Tuesday 30 September and Wednesday 1 October.

From there the third round of the playoffs will take place on Wednesday 8 October before culminating with the final on Wednesday 15 October at 7pm.

The regular season standings as of Tuesday showed all of the divisions had intense competition. In division one, RCC Strikers led league with 31 points while Britthay Warriors were second with 25 points.

Third place fell to Burger King with 23 points while Century 21 was the fourth place finisher for the second straight season with 19 points.

The bottom end of the league saw Dart finish fifth with 16 points, CML Claymores was sixth with 13 points, Marble and More were seventh with 7 points and finally CFP ended up in the cellar with no wins and no points.

Ben Marler and Rene Carter were the lead scorers in division one with 21 goals. Marler found his way to the top for the third straight year with CML Claymores and Carter made the mark for Burger King.

David Harding of Britthay Warriors ended up second with 17 goals and Alan Glasgow of Marble and More finished third with 15 goals.

In the Gold Conference, Old Boys claimed the title. Second went to DDL and HSBC claimed third. Fourth place went to PriceWaterHouse Coopers, Ey Old Man United claimed fifth and sixth went to Caledonian.

Rounding out the bottom of the conference, the seventh spot went to Brickhouse Devils and the KPMG Blue Rays were in the eighth and final spot.

In the X-Gen conference, Transformers climbed to the top with 32 points. McAlpine United were second with 29 points and KPMG Blue Iguanas were third with 22 points.

Coconut Joes claimed the fourth spot with 19 points, UBS ended up fifth with 17 points and Deloitte nabbed the sixth spot with 15 points.

Looking towards the bottom, BDO-Tortuga were in seventh with three points and Brickhouse finished in the eighth and final spot with three points.

Chris Ebanks was the lead scorer in the Gold conference. He paced the field with 24 goals for HSBC. Declan Cassidy was a distant second with 13 goals for DDL and Michael Baulk was third with 12 goals for DDL.

Dominique Pearson was the lead scorer in the X-Gen conference. He had 29 goals for Transformers. Leighton Elliott of McAlpine United was second with 26 goals with Marcos Leite in third with 26.

The final regular-season statistics were not available at press time.

Raymond Singh, Athletic Director of Kings Sports Centre, shared his thoughts on the upcoming playoff schedule.

‘Congratulations to our three divisional first place finishers. The XGen Conference regular season games are now finished and the platform is almost full as the other two divisions wrap-up their regular seasons.

‘For all the current playoff match-ups log on to’