Graffiti attack rocks surfers

Surfers on Cayman have been devastated by the mindless defacement last week of a mural at popular surfing spot Mariners Cove with hateful and obscene graffiti.


Mz Kozailys mural at Mariners Cove before last weeks graffiti attack. Photo: Submitted.

Local artist and surfer Natasha Kozaily, 22, spent weeks painting the 25-foot by 3-foot mural earlier this summer and was shattered when she learnt it has been defaced Tuesday.

‘When I found out, I cried my eyes out. I couldn’t believe it – I was so angry and hurt,’ she told the Compass. ‘I couldn’t believe it because I’m an artist, this is what I do, and I really put a lot of heart into it.’

Members of the Cayman Islands Surfers Association believe another surfer or surfers were responsible for the attack because of the surfing references painted over the mural.

‘I’m not hurt about the lost paint and wasted days I spent creating it. I’m hurt by the cruelty of some people, and the sheer disrespect for someone who just wanted to create something beautiful,’ Ms Kozaily said.

‘I didn’t paint the mural for myself, I did it to show my love for mariners; as a sign of respect for the beautiful waves that greet us there and for all us surfers that enjoy it.’

Those behind the attack likely spent hours ruining Ms Zozaily’s prized art-work, having painted over the entire length of the mural before scrawling obscene messages and images over it.

Members of the association are refusing to leave the obscene messages on the wall and planned to return Sunday to repaint it white as part of a world peace day event. They were also planning a rock art activity and a yoga session and were asking those that come along to donate a few dollars to the Cayman Islands National Trust.

Once the obscene messages and words are painted over, Ms Kozaily is hopeful to repaint another mural for surfers at the popular break to enjoy.

She had this message for those behind the attack:

‘As much as I’d like this person to think that what he did didn’t hurt me in anyway, it did.

‘I just hope that it ends here and that whatever this person is angry about, or whatever motivated them to do such a childish and hurtful thing that they express their feelings in a less destructive way and have more respect for our surf spots,’ she said.

‘It’s a shame that there are such heartless and thoughtless people in the world.

‘I hope that our surfing community can join together to stop things like this from happening and encourage a friendly surf community without discrimination and hate.’

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