Stop paying police commissioner

“Say it ain’t so — the Governor had not budgeted (in supplementary expenditure, at that) $1.7 million for 10 men to investigate one incident. Was someone murdered? Was there high treason?

And double “say it ain’t so” that some of this $1.7 million is going to pay for Cayman vacations for the investigators’ families. Are they not being paid enough, and have the Cayman people to pay for their families’ vacation on top of that?

This is going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Or I must definitely have misread that part of your report.

And if I were Bridger, I would definitely want to keep that “secret” (your story said he had previously declined to comment but said that the funding as a whole was no “secret”.)

I have to hand it to all involved — It takes a lot of nerve to spend the people’s money so freely!!!

Time for the madness to stop. Ten men (plus visiting supervisor) can’t bring this matter to where it needs to be to get it into court, or otherwise resolved after all this time?

I see the Governor saying in another media that he can’t “force” Kernohan back (while Kernohan is saying that he hasn’t been asked.)

Whatever the situation, if he has been ordered back, and he won’t, he is failing to comply with his immediate boss’s request — whether or not regulations or laws offer loopholes to support his staying where he is.

I can’t believe that any civil servant (which is what Kernohan is) could have a leg to stand on in ignoring his superior’s request.

Refusal should be ground for dismissal.

Order him back, terminate him, stop paying him the salary and, guess what, drop the matter — is it really worth draining coffers in a serious economic time?

Ten chances to one, the investigation will not lead any where anyhow. We shall see on that score.

Or did someone commit murder or high treason?
EA Ebanks

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