Today’s Editorial September 22: Time to come together

Our country is only seven days away from formal negotiations on the constitution with the United Kingdom and we appear to be at an impasse.

Part of the reason is because leaders of the ruling People’s Progressive Movement want to see proposals from the United Democratic Party before the meeting takes place.

Thankfully both parties have agreed to let the meetings take place in a public forum.

Our question to the UDP is, why won’t it let the PPM see its proposals before the meeting?

Wouldn’t it be better to meet first-hand to agree to disagree in front of the visitors instead of meeting with them and squabbling amongst ourselves?

Leader of Opposition McKeeva Bush has previously requested that a public meeting be held in the Legislative Assembly today to hear and lay out proposals from the UDP, the PPM, the Cayman Islands Ministers Association, the Cayman Islands Mission of Seventh Day Adventists and the Chamber of Commerce.

On Friday the Chamber of Commerce issued an on-line survey asking members if they strongly agree, agree, are neutral, disagree or strongly disagree with 58 different positions concerning the Constitution. Those positions include proposals of both the People’s Progressive Movement Government and the Opposition United Democratic Party. However, the survey does not indicate which party supports any particular position on which it asks members to respond.

Chamber members can access the survey through the Chamber’s website at

The deadline for completing the survey is this Wednesday.

Unfortunately that date is a bit too late to have the survey findings for the proposed public meeting today.

We applaud the PPM and the UDP for holding various public meetings on the constitution modernisation issues. There is no such thing as too much public input in matters as important as this.

But we must come together to agree to disagree on issues before our visitors arrive in a week’s time.

The future of our country hinges on it.

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