More security cameras needed

In response to Ms Natasha Kozailly’s devastation; this is an assault on an individual that is a professional artist and there is little or absolutely no regard shown toward her or her hard work that she put in to create such a beautiful mural.

These vandals should be ashamed of themselves.

Is there any reward offered for the person or persons to be turned in to authorities?

This shows the importance of police surveillance cameras that should be installed in public beach areas and locations where there is a possibility of a crime being committed such as vandalism/graffiti or other hate crimes, or assaults against public property or persons.

Government needs to beef up its security surveillance cameras and equipment, whether in quality/quantity of location and areas, but it is obvious that this needs the attention of our security systems that should already be in place, as it looks it is not serving,

These acts of vandalism need to be picked up on cameras.

All streets should have surveillance cameras that police can view that will help solve crimes that otherwise would be unresolved.

Florence Goring-Nozza

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