Still no liquor inspector

The government has still not replaced Liquor Licensing Board Inspector Donald Green, who died in a motorcycle accident in December 2007.

Since Mr. Green was the sole inspector, Liquor Licensing Board Chairman Mitchell Welds has had to visit licensed premises on occasion himself. During the board’s annual session last week, Mr. Weld’s told representatives of both O Bar and Next Level that he had visited their nightclubs recently.

Asked about the situation, Deputy Chair Lynn Bodden said she knew there had been several applicants, but that no one had been named for the inspector position yet.

Cabinet Minister Charles Clifford, under whom responsibility for the Liquor Licensing Board falls, recently said the hiring of a new inspector was out of his hands.

‘It’s a civil service matter,’ he said.

Mr. Clifford said he did not know if there had been any increased abuses to the Liquor Licence Law as a result of the more than nine-month gap without a dedicated inspector.

However, Mr. Clifford said he thought the hiring process was almost at an end.

‘Someone should be in the post shortly,’ he said.

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