Complaints Commissioner calls it quits

Cayman Islands government watchdog, Complaints Commissioner John Epp, announced Tuesday that he would not be seeking reappointment to his post when it comes available next July.


Mr. Epp

Mr. Epp took up the office on 14 July, 2004, following his nomination by then-Governor Bruce Dinwiddy. He is the Cayman Islands’ first complaints commissioner and was eligible to seek another five-year term in office if he wished.

The Canadian-born Caymanian attorney said he could not respond to questions about his future plans, but said he believed the OCC was in a good position now to have perpetual success as an institution.

‘Our efforts to establish credibility within the community continued to show positive results,’ Mr. Epp said in a statement. ‘I am very satisfied with the result of my tenure as commissioner.’

It is believed Mr. Epp will serve out the remainder of his term. He said he has assisted the Governor in writing a job description for the post and expects the job will be advertised.

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