Man charged with firearm offence

Following the report of a shot being fired on School Road, George Town, Fabian Mark Powell appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday.

Powell, 26, was charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm with intent to commit an offence. Crown Counsel Jenesha Bhoorasingh-Simpson objected to bail.

She told Magistrate Nova Hall the incident occurred around 11am on 12 September, a Friday. She said two individuals were sitting in a car and it is alleged that Powell walked up to the car and fired a shot at it.

She said the person in the driver’s seat managed to drive off before anything else happened.

The magistrate asked if there was anything in the vehicle. Ms Bhoorasingh-Simpson said there was a bullet hole and a shot was recovered from the vehicle. She also handed up photographs of the vehicle.

Defence Attorney Phillip McGhee noted the charge would be going to Grand Court, so he asked for the required preliminary inquiry to be held before the opening of the next Grand Court session. Since that takes place on 1 October, the PI would have to be on or before 30 September. Otherwise, Powell would have to wait until the January opening.

Mr. McGhee said he would hold off the application for bail until Thursday, 24 September.

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